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DAY SIXTEEN - October 1, 2011

BloodcocksMania Causes Mob Scene

We closed the tour tonight with our CD release party at Shibuya Milkyway in Tokyo (U.S. CD release date October 25). Fans who followed us faithfully to ever...

y show caused a near riot when the sold out sign went up. But fire marshall be damned, we got them all in.

Momentum built through five opening bands, then it was all out pandemonium as we hit the stage and tore into "Tokyo Pop Shot". It was a wild set and the roof almost came off the place when we unleashed our song "Stupid Drunk" which is all in Japanese. Then the joint went batshit as Annie flew into the crowd while we closed the show with twenty choruses of "Do The Bloodcock".

After more than two weeks of BloodcocksMania Japan will never be the same. It's for sure we won't be. Old and new friends. Great clubs and amazing bands we played with. Helpful strangers who showed us every kindness. The people of Japan could not have been more wonderful.

Early checkout in the morning then the drive to Narita airport. Sayonara Rising Sun. Las Vegas USA here we come.


DAY FIFTEEN - September 30, 2011

Annie Gets Laid ... Again

Three days off before our big CD release party Saturday night at Milkyway and we took the time to kick back and do some sightseeing. Yesterday we went to Odaiba a...

nd rode the world's tallest Ferris wheel. Tonight we went to Shibuya and checked out Rockin' Jelly Bean's gallery, then stopped for a quiet dinner before calling it an early night. That was the plan anyway.

We ducked into our pal Masa's place in Sex Alley for some yakisoba and a beer to find that our CD was playing with the entire restaurant bopping to Pussy Squad. Bloodcocks = dinner music? Surreal. Then after we finally ate, Gunther amused a group of girls with card tricks and Bloody and Gory joked around and posed for pictures. Meanwhile Annie and this Japanese jazz cat were making out at the bar. His hand was up her dress two beats after hello and they were going at it hot and heavy, then slipped out and scrammed back to his place.

Tomorrow is our biggest show ever. We're not worried yet, but if she isn't back to the hotel by morning ... Stay tuned.

DAY TEN - September 26, 2011

The last few days have been non-stop. Saturday we played at Club Cave-Be in Shimotikazawa. The show aired live on the radio and they asked us beforehand not to get the crowd chanting about puss...

y in Japanese. English was okay, but Japanese was off limits. We did not obey.

Sunday we took the bullet train up north to see The Birthday do a show not far from where the nuclear reactor blew up. Luckily this town was just far enough away from the nuclear ooze to stay standing, but the quiet streets were very creepy with an eerie Twilight Zone feel.

Monday we played Club Marble in Shinjuku. Shinjuku is the area of Tokyo with the towering neon canyons you see in the movies, but the endless maze of alleyways lurking behind is where the real action is. Our day started with some okonomiyaki, a delicious concoction that you cook yourself on a grill in the center of the table. Bloody is an okonomiyaki master. Fresh ginger pancakes were the star of this outing. And it was the start to a great day until on the way to our show, Annie got us kicked off the train for smoking. Crazy smoking laws here. You can smoke in restaurants but not on the street. Gunther traded the transit cop a Yellowbird record he had just bought in exchange for letting Annie go, and we made it to our show in Shinjuku with time to spare.

DAY SEVEN - September 23, 2011

Bloody discovered in the morning that his guitar had come up lame with a dead fret, so we arranged for our guitar tech friend "22" to come by the hotel. But taking no chances we went to this area called Ochanomizu which is lined with guitar shops on both sides of the street for blocks. Denmark Street in London has nothing on this place. It's a six-string Disneyland. Gunther went record shopping while Bloody and Gory browsed the shops for a couple hours and picked up a sweet blue Rickenbacker. Then made it back to the hotel just in time to meet 22 who worked his magic on the dead fret. From no guitars to two guitars in a blink. Then caught the 2:45 train to make sound check for our show at Kurawood in Asakusa.

It was our BEST SHOW EVER. Great club, great sound and great crowd. You might think that waiting through five bands to see a headliner the crowd might be a bit stale, but when we closed the show they were frantic. Jumping, waving, screaming and singing along. Everywhere we play they know the words to all our songs. And even the fans who don't speak English know they are screaming about pussy, zombie whores and ass-fucking Martian chicks.

We tore it up with every last ounce of energy we had, and spent almost an hour after the show shaking hands and signing CDs. Late train back to Gotanda, then up early to do it all again.

DAY FIVE - September 21, 2011

Typhoon Blows Over

Today was a day off so we went record shopping in Shinjuku. A place called Disk Union which is literally one of the most amazing record stores on earth. It was a cool rainy day which was a nice break from the stifling heat and humidity that had been beating us down since we got here. But when we left the record store both the wind and rain kicked into quite a storm and even with umbrellas we were drenched by the time we caught the train back to Gotanda. That's when the warnings came to stay inside as the storm was actually the tail end of a fucking TYPHOON! We hung tight in our hotel while sirens blared in every direction for hours as Tokyo took a beating.

But eventually the storm blew through and we went out around 10pm into a beautiful cool breezy night. The streets were packed. Sex Street action bustling. We renewed acquaintance with friends at Bar Snatch, then stopped to eat at a little joint where we found the noodle master wearing a Bloodcocks shirt.

At the end of the day we were safe, dry and had a stack of new records. IT'S A BLOODCOCK WORLD.

DAY FOUR - September 20, 2011

Bloodcocks UK Start New Craze In Japan - THE PUSSY BRUSH

At last night's show at Kamikaze House in Shinagawa, Guitar Wolf, Surf Coasters and other Japanese A-listers showed up to see us play, and at one point in the show, Bloody incited the girls to lift up their skirts and have at it with a pussy brush. What the hell is a pussy brush? Who knows? But it connected and they all started yelling it.

Tonight when we hit the stage at Club ADM in Ikebukuro, girls were waving brushes and screaming. Hair brushes, toilet brushes, tooth brushes. Gory grabbed one and gave Annie a scrub which only fueled the pandamonium. Gunther thinks we should sell our own pussy brushes before this latest fad catches fire and starts turning up at souvenir shops in the Ginza. HELLO PUSSY?

Three shows in three nights. Day off tomorrow.

DAY TWO - September 18, 2011

Long flight got us into Tokyo Narita where we were whisked by handlers to our usual hotel on Sex Street. Bloody and Gory have spectacular city views from their rooms, whereas Gunther faces an open whorehouse window not 3 feet away (no shit). Apparently the Japanese people do not respect drummers. Or maybe they do. Dinner of yakisoba with friends then up early to kick off the tour in Takasaki.

Corn soup and fried cluck on Sex Street. No better breakfast on earth. Then the van picked us up for the 3 hour drive to the venue. Takasaki is up north and got the shit kicked out of it by the earthquakes, but for the most part it's okay and the locals are standing strong. Though the streets are a lot quieter (Tokyo too) as people are getting back into their routines. And there are very few tourists anywhere. Even the hookers on Sex Street have taken a definite hit.

Club Fleez Asile in Takasaki was the site of our biggest triumph on the last tour, and our fans mobbed the place waiting for us to show up. Two crazy-looking guys with different colored wristbands turned out to be escaped mental patients from a hospital down the street who had crashed out just for our show. Groupies wearing Bloodcocks shirts came back stage with food and gifts.

And we fucking killed. Absolutely nailed it as the crowd sang along to all our songs and went total batshit when we busted out a new one called "Stupid Drunk" all in Japanese. After the show we posed for pictures and blew through 3 Sharpies signing CDs and posters.

Bloodcocks UK are saving Japan one city at a time. FUCK YEAH PUSSY SQUAD!

DAY TEN - November 15, 2010

  • Flying in the first class
  • Fucking stewardess ass
  • Smokin' splif in the can
  • On the way back from Japan

DAY NINE - November 14, 2010

6:45 am. Bloodcocks, Milk Teath, roadies and equipment set out in a van for the long drive north to Takasaki for our show at Club Asile. Getting up that early really sucked, but Gory had finally killed the crow and he felt great. Gunther gave the bird carcas to the cat who lived in front of the noodle palace on sex street that he had befriended. So the mood was good as we set out. Along the way Bloody wrote a song about our friend (and Milk Teath frontman) Shaku called Tokyo Daddy-O. We would surprise Shaku with it by adding it to the set that night, but ended up surprising ourselves more when Bloody forgot the words halfway through ..... Takasaki is a really cool city. After sound check we drove up to a mountain shrine just outside the city. A winding road through a forest, which was beautiful as the leaves had just turned color. On top of the mountain was a huge Buddah, probably 8 stories high, and we got to go inside and climb to the top and look out through its eyes. Surreal ..... The venue was a big underground complex with two clubs, a recording studio and rehearsal space. A huge spread of delicious yakatori, sushi, noodles and deserts were waiting for us in the green room, and by the time we went on we were stuffed ..... Annie was a huge, huge hit with this crowd, and we closed with about 20 choruses of Do The Bloodcock while our friend Happy danced her through the crowd. Milk Teath followed us and were as great as always. Then it was Japanese rockabilly legends The Stray Boys. After their encore they invited both the Bloodcocks and Milk Teath back on stage to sing Johnny B Goode, and this big finale literally brought the house down ..... An electrifying ending to an amazing show. A perfect ending to an amazing tour. We fly out of Narita tomorrow.

DAY SEVEN - November 12, 2010

The Adicts are staying at our hotel. Gory gave them hell about blowing off the show in Las Vegas last month. Which led to tension as their groupies who lurked outside the hotel dressed as droogs, and our sweet young things were ready to go at it. Although it would have been fun to watch, we broke up the possible rumble as we had to catch a train for our show in Saitama. It's a town about an hour to the north ..... During our set Gunther busted a snare, Bloody busted a string and Annie sprang a slow leak. Gory waltzed Annie through the crowd and Gunther told jokes in Japanese, so even with the snafus the show went well. The crowd was in awe that there were so many songs about pussy ..... Today's show was at Club ADM in Ikebukuro. Our handler today was a cool Japanese cat named Harry. He took care of our every need from the train to the gig and back. He was so great and so helpful with everything that we made him an honorary Bloodcock. Harry Bloodcock. He was so touched he almost cried ..... This club had the ultimate secret stage entrance. Around the corner and down the block, into a commercial building, downstairs to a storage room, then an unmarked door, through a long maze of tunnels that led to the green room behind the stage. It was right out of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. ..... Japanese crowds by nature aren't too lively, and almost never loud or rowdy. But this crowd had been waiting through six bands to see us and when we hit the stage they were ready to cut loose. We did not disappoint them. WE BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN, and afterward there was a long line to shake our hands and get their records signed. This was the show that made the whole thing worth while ..... Day off tomorrow

DAY FIVE - November 10, 2010

Our first day off, and we had a rock star moment when we went to a little alley cafe in Gotanda to find that the Bloodcocks record was displayed prominently on the wall. The waitresss was a sweet little trick who only knew three words of english. Bloodcocks and Zombie Porn. WOW ..... Gunther has been practicing his Japanese and has actually gotten pretty good. It's been a big help when we go around on our own. But his jokes don't always translate, and the doorman was not amused at the Park Hyatt where we had gone to seek our "Lost In Translation" moment at the behest of uber-fan Jimmy Dot. Cigars, drinks, cool jazz combo and killer view of the city. The whole tourist thing and it was great. Then back to sex street as we had to get up early to meet our handler for the day (a guy named 22) at the train station for the long trip to Saitama for the next show ..... The noisy crow is back. Gory somehow got his hands on a bow and arrow and has been shooting at it out his window. No luck yet.

DAY FOUR - November 9, 2010

Last night was as fun as it gets. Our show was at Club Japan in Gotanda. We headlined a bill with Japanese superstars Milk Teath, plus Outside and Rock and Roll High School. The small club was so packed the crowd spilled out into the street and the music could be heard a block away. It was one of those shows where everybody who is anybody showed up, making it as much a party as a show. Milk Teath was on right before us and they killed. An absolutely amazing set. How do you follow something like that? But we did it. They loved us, loved our set and went crazy over Annie. Zombie and pussy lyrics do translate, and after every song they screamed "best song ever!". During our set Gunther did a song and dance with Annie while Gory popped dosed pickled apricots into the mouths of the girls up front. Bloody instigated a groupie cat fight, then later took them back to the hotel to referee them making up. Debauchery, thy name is Bloodcock.

DAY THREE - November 8, 2010

Bloodcocks-mania has officially swept Japan. We can't go anywhere without being chased down the street. It's like "A Hard Days Night" but with hotter chicks. And christ, these Japanese girls are smoking hot and they are EVERYWHERE ..... Walking from the train to the gig at Club Baysis in Yokohama, Gunther amazed little children with coin tricks, only to have the mothers yell at him for not giving the kids the coins. Now we were being chased again, but for a different reason ..... The show was tight. Gory didn't fly Annie into the crowd because he was worried about all the carp she scarfed down that afternoon. A crowd waited for us outside the club after the show, so we stayed locked inside drinking Suntory in a can with this crazy Japompador band called Lee Lee Lewis. These guys were a trip, both on and off stage. Late train back to Tokyo, then fried chicken at this cool place on the corner of sex street by our hotel. There has been a crow outside our windows the past three nights. We think he's a fan, but we'd shut him up with a bullet if we had something to shoot it with.

DAY TWO - November 7, 2010

Opening night. The Bloodcocks UK played our first show ever, at the Shibuya Milkyway in Tokyo. Big names like the Surf Coasters and the Heiz were also on the bill. Giti Gito Hustler, Guitar Wolf and other Japanese rock 'n roll royalty were in the crowd. The show had been sold out for weeks, yet there was still a line outside hoping to get in for a look at the Las Vegas band with the English name to see if we lived up to the hype. But insiders were asking a different question. Would Bloody freeze up on stage? That was the big question as he had never played in front of a crowd before. Had never played anywhere ever. But he nailed it. The set was tight. Bloody's guitar and vocals, Gory's guitar, Gunther's drums and Annie's slutty mouth. The songs were catchy and the crowd bopped to every last bit of it. Right down to Bloody's Japanese one-liners and the girls in the crowd screaming in unison to Bloody's Japanese chant for them to shake their tits. We killed. The Bloodcocks bloody killed.

DAY ONE - November 6, 2010

Gunther wrote "Lock 'N Loll" on his customs declaration form, which for some rerason the inspectors did not find funny. After much pleading and a small bribe from our Japanese handlers, he was released from the airport lockup and we finally got to the hotel where in each of our rooms a gift basket presented by two hot Japanese chicks in school girl outfits was waiting. Even Gunther couldn't fuck this up, but not for lack of trying. After unleashing some Bloodcock fury, it was off to Club Japan in Gotanda where Asako, Shaku and Kim Ramone hosted a party for us. The tiny club is in an alley off sex street and it's cool as all bloody hell. Annie Bloodcock was already there, covered in jism like the filthy slut she is. But we had the bartender hose her off with soda water and she was good to go. Gory and Fumi got us loaded on some Japanese white lightning, and after that the rest of the night was a bloody blur ..... Asako and Shaku somehow got us back to the hotel, and in the morning breakfast of fish and noodles was delivered to our rooms by the same chicks in the school girl outfits, but this time they were wearing some sort of orange space-age Judy Jetson get ups. Bloodcock fury was again unleashed, except for Gunther who this time did find a way to fuck it up by refusing to wash his feet ..... Then it was to the club for afternoon rehearsal. It is very important to those who run the Japanese clubs that every set (even afternoon rehearsal) starts exactly on time. Just like Double Down except completely opposite. Gory and Annie disappeared backstage for a while, but the sound guy found them and dragged them back like misbehaved sixth graders ..... The wait was over and the tour was about to begin. Lock 'n loll